COVID NOTES – We get it. You may be worried about distancing and contact issues. Stuart Blower Photography works with proper fitting medical grade N95 Filtering Face Masks and Disposable Nitrile Gloves. We carry our own sanitizer and we sanitize before walking through your door and again after we leave any location. Our equipment is wiped clean where possible, and is also isolated and quarantined for a day before the assignment. You can also ship or drop products off at our business location.

Complete Photography Solutions for Your Business


When the project is too much for you to handle, we can provide the expertise. In the studio or on location we have the experience and equipment to provide results. Whether you need overall images Close ups, or 360 degree Rotational photographs, we will work with you.
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Web Content

Everything you need to illustrate your web and social media pages. Graphics and icons can be created from images of your own business, no need to use generic clip art. The building or its’ machinery and people , as well as your products can all be included.
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Making improvements, we can document the upgrades, for historic or insurance reasons. We can help you make installation videos or manuals required by your products. We can also produce training manuals or video presentations.
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Resoring old valuable prints, or working from negatives and colours slides are only part of our services. We also can digitize prints and documents for use with different medias.
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Despite COVID, events still happen. Wether it is a promotional meeting or simple gathering, if you need images that can be used for promotions and publicity, we can provide in any format.
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Real Estate

Professional equipment, and an understanding of composition and lighting can produce great images that’ll sell your home by presenting it’s best features.
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