Original to Digital Services Provide High Detailed Colour Balanced Images Of Your Work In Digital Format!

  • 2D Artwork Copied (Glassed or Unframed)
  • 3D Artwork
  • Wall Sized and Large Format art
  • Studio Interiors
  • Outdoor Installations
  • 360 Degree Rotations of Products or Room Interiors
  • Work In Progress/ Artist working
  • Video Interviews
The L.M.M. Donour Wall by Linda and Ron Baird is an excellent example of a large format image that has been rendered in digital format, to be used in print media.
Glass by Francis Muscat – Private Collection
Directional lighting was used to accent the glass planes and emphasize the various colours that can be seen in the assembly.

For the many artists who either don’t have the technical know how or the right High Quality equipment. I can provide the necessary expertise to create Professional digital images of your works, suitable for reproduction in print media, catalogues, advertising, exhibit applications, E-mails, as well as providing you with a suitable size for social media.

Tips For Photographing your own work

Making a decent image of your work is much easier with modern automatic digital cameras. That is as long as you are aware of a few things.

  1. Auto White Balance: settings can be easily fooled by images that have predominant colours in them or lighting that is “off colour” such as fluorescents. Use manual settings to match the camera to the kind of light you ae taking the picture with.
  2. Camera Shake: Small cameras can take available light pictures that use such slow shutter speeds the image will always look slightly blurry. Use a tripod or a support to insure your camera is not being shaken.
  3. Image Quality: Taking images that have low resolutions settings can allow you to save thousands of images on your memory card, they may look good on your phone or computer display, but the quality of the image will not be sufficient to be used for print media or large digital displays. Make sure your camera settings include high quality images of sufficient resolution.
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