Product Photography

I can take images of your products, On Location or at my own studio. I use the latest High Resolution Cameras and Software to make the best possible image for all of your needs. I can also help you organize your own product imaging workflow so that you can do it yourself.

Corporate Services

All of our corporate services start with good visual imagery. High quality images support your content and provide a clear visual message about your company. We use all necessary Safety Equipment that is required on site or in the plant and are very comfortable in a manufacturing environment.

Anything that is required for documentation, or promotion of your business oro on your website.

Artist Services

Original to Digital is what we do. If you have two dimensional artwork or you work in three dimensions, I can provide you with Digital Images that will meet all of your requirements for promotions, social media, print media and anything in between. Not all artists have access to the resolution and professional expertise that may be needed to provide you with faithful digital copies of your work.

Retouching / Restoration and Photoshoping

Restoration of old prints, copying of vintage colour slides, are all part of the preservation services we offer. Your prints and slides are treated carefully and photographed to produce a digital images that can be completely restored. All the work is done on the digital copy not the original.

Real Estate

Don’t be fooled by a novice with a small automatic flash camera.

Showing mediocre, washed out images on the web site, taken from unflattering angles, only helps to convince a potential buyer that the property is not worth considering.

We use only professional high resolution camera equipment with wide angle lens and an eye for composition that will always show your rooms from the best angle of view. We have over 40 years experience in taking interior pictures for print and digital media.

Our methods include taking advantage of the natural light available, while balancing that with portable strobe sources, that can accent details and colour. We produce High Dynamic Range (HDR) images that are all individually adjusted to provide the best images possible.

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